A Look into Web Hosting: increasing profits

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December 2, 2016
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December 8, 2016

The web hosting market is growing at a fast pace and there are many opportunities for budding entrepreneurs to grow a profitable business in this space.

Below are a few methods that will help accelerate your profit margin.

Interweave services

Select a customer segment and offer them products that interwoven. If a customer has bought a Linux or Windows reseller hosting package, offer them your website builder tools as an add on.

Sell assortment of products

Bundle together various products to create a package of services. Club together few slow moving products along with their hosting services which create a stack of services that will be a deal clincher. Offering domain name registration services can be an extra source of income.

Affinity analysis

This type of product offering is popular with ecommerce companies that look to see if there are combinations of products that frequently occur together in a transaction. It analyses customer buying behavior and gives suggestions.

Offer extra niceties

Promotions, discounts and offers help to acquire a customer base.  After building a loyal customer base, you can charge the customers more to increase your profit margins.

Customer support

Having a dedicated and efficient support team that is able to resolve any technical issues that the customer is facing is a definite boost for the business as customers do not mind paying extra for quality service. It helps to retain existing customers and also brings in new clients.

Offer useful software

Entice the customer with software packages that are helpful to them for building their websites such as automated script installer and popular control panels.

Online advertising

It is important for people to know about the business. Hence offer services that help customers promote their businesses and sell them those services that fit their exact need. Social media outlets are great to spread the word. Also existing customers can be offered incentives for referring their friends and colleagues.

Create web services on dedicated servers

This involves leasing a dedicated server from a reliable web host and creating your own service. This can be email, sub domain registration or free blog. This approach requires a large investment which can be recovered by broadcasting advertisements to your customers.

Looking at ideas that reduce overhead costs, helps acquire new customers, enhances visibility and maximizes business opportunities are some basic guidelines that can knitted along with the above mentioned strategies to increase profits.

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