Free web hosting: The issues

How to Benefit from Your Web Hosting
December 2, 2016

The internet is now an integral part of our lives – whether it is social media, or work, without an internet connection it is impossible to do anything. Our reliance on the internet to reach out to others to share our ideas and create flourishing businesses is absolute.

Creating, designing, operating, and hosting a website costs money. For a fledgling business this isn’t good. The obvious answer is to get it done for free so that the money intended for initial investment isn’t diluted.

The question is – should you consider free web hosting services? We’ve attempted to answer just that.

“Free” – it’s a word meant to lure the unwitting customer into making a purchase that may or may not be useful for them in the long run. It’s a given that a product that comes with something free with it is more likely to be bought. But, the adage, there’s no such thing as a free lunch is true and a little skepticism never hurt anyone.

If you need to get a new website off the ground, the aim is pay for the service not to get lured by a free offer. Free Web Hosting comes with its own threats. Here’s why:

Ownership issue

First of all, hosting your website for free means, you are Not the Actual owner. The ownership goes to the person who is handling all these free sites, like yours. So, you won’t have complete control of your website.

This means that, your website won’t look as you thought it to be! The layouts, settings and others may vary and it might alter the look of your website. This will also affect you in the long run, if you would want to sell your website or blog.

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